Portrait of Ryan Woods

Originally from England, I moved to Sweden in 2016 to pursue my goals and ambitions.

Incapsulating a moment in time and telling a story always fascinated me, and when I discovered photography, I found a way to do both. To me, photography is much more than just “taking a photo”, it’s also an art of telling a story through the visuals of the physical world.

When it comes to wildlife photography, my style is to carefully compose my photographs to include environment elements as well as the wild animal. To show the relationship between them and their habitat – how everything is intertwined and connected.

My current ongoing project consists of photographing all the different species of owls that inhabit Sweden, with the motivation coming back from the start of 2019. I was researching the different species of wild animals that are in my local area when it occurred to me, owls. We are all aware of them, may have even heard one once, but most of us go a whole lifetime without seeing one. They are elusive, and a mysteriousness shrouds them; this intrigued me.

I’m inspired to bridge the gap that we have between us and the natural world, and thought what better way than elusive wildlife around us locally that goes unseen daily?

I set myself the goal of photographing an owl within that year. I completed it within the first half the year by being focused and determined. My first observation was, fortunately, a long-eared owl and two owlets, and later surpassed my expectations at the end of the year by photographing the rarely-seen great grey owl.